Thursday, August 24, 2006

greetings from the green mountain state
as i type, edward is dialing in his tone for julianne. it'll probably be the last song he tracks, as we are quickly running out of daylight, so to speak. the songs we have started sound AMAZING. mr. mike "p diddy" poorman is knocking this bad boy out of the park. i have yet to play a lick on guitar, but the sounds coming out of michael's speakers are already blowing my mind. when it comes to laying it down, he's got a bionic ear & robotic fingers, and you know, that always helps. i can't wait to hear the finished product. and i can't wait to share it with all of you all. keep the faith. we miss everybody.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

it's time to lay it down.
with the help of mike poorman (ex-hot rod circuit) we're about to embark on a fabulous journey into sound, recording our next piece. we head off to vermont this weekend, by way of delaware, traveling in priscilla (our van), with mindy (our trailer) lugging the tools of our trade. next week will be intense, but hopefully enjoyable and worth the long drive.
we promise to bring the rock. and to all you labels out there, please stop bugging us. we'll send you the new sh*t when we feel like sending you the new sh*t. you'll hear it when everybody else gets to hear it.
right now, i've got some packing to do, some vocals to tighten up & some benjamins to count. hope to rock you soon.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Wanna Rock Some Drums
i am offering drum lessons again to a very small number of clients.

i will begin giving lessons again starting this week: tue, aug. 8 - fri, aug 11. and then continuing again at the beginning of september.

please myspace message me or email me: to set up a lesson date and time.

cost is $15/half hour, $25/hour.

new and old clients, please complete the following survey and attach it with your email message. this gives me a better understanding of who you are as a drummer and what you wish to gain from taking lessons.

thanks, ryan


*what is your name, gender and age?

*where are you from?

*how long have you been playing drums?

*what brand of drums do you currently use?

*paint me a picture of your dream kit?

*how many cymbals do you typically play?

*who are your top 3 favorite drummers?

*who are your top 3 favorite bands?

*who are your top 3 musical influences?

*what type of drummer are you? (ie. drum kit, marching, etc.)

*what type of music do you play? (ei. rock, emo, jazz, heavy metal, etc)

*have you taken lessons before? (if so, please explain)

*are you in a band? if so, what's the band's name and do you have a website?

*do you have any examples of your drumming in mp3 format? if so, what's the link?

*can you read music?

*if you can't read music, would you like to learn?

*what kind of sticks do you use?

*can you play to a click track?

*have you recorded, or do you show an interest in recording? (please explain)

*do you play match grip or traditional or both?

*do you consider yourself a hard hitting drummer?

*what would you like to get from taking drum lessons?