Sunday, February 26, 2006

nontour diary entry #2

no super interesting news to report other than we are continuing to work on new material. we hope all of you will be patient with us! last night michelle, ed and myself got together to retouch "julianne", one of our older new ones. hopefully we will be able to let you guys sample some of these new songs even before we hit the studio... on wednesday we had a blast piecing together what i feel is going to be a staple track on the album and at our live shows. we also got to check out michelle's new kangaroos! i just want to get these songs recorded and hit the darn road!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New thongs, I mean songs.

posted by michelle

We have been writing, and writing, and fighting, and writing. Don't worry about the fighting part. It's what happens when four best friends get together and try to make a song "perfect". And let me tell you , I'm pretty excited about some of this new stuff. We got a few demos, which after much deliberation, we decided to put one up on our Myspace Page . Of course, we wanted to wait until they were professionally recorded, mixed, mastered and we got Jay-Z to guest appear, but what the heck! You guys have been really patient in waiting for us, so we gave you "patiently waiting- demo#1". For those of you who haven't heard it before, or never could understand what the heck Scott and I are actually saying up there, I'll give you a quick background. There is a boy and a girl in what you would call a "relationship". I know what you are thinking. No one ever sings about relationships, how groundbreaking and daring of Bedford Drive. I know. I know. Anyway, these two are totally in love, but they live really far away, and as anyone knows the time in between can be a killer. Inevitably, the distance will tear them apart..
so now you know the story, go listen to the song!


Sunday, February 12, 2006

birthday bash!!!
last night we all celebrated michelle's birthday. happy birthday, michelle!

if you have yet to add us as your friend on myspace, hit our profile up by clicking here and get right on it!

hmmmm. that's it!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Writing Diary. Entry #1

because we have no shows coming up and we still want to keep in close touch with all of you, we have decided to start a diary that tells ya'll what is going on with us and, more importantly, how the writing process is going... here goes...

2.8.06 -- we almost killed each other.

like all very opinionated people, we all like to speak our minds, and this particular night was no exception. we kicked off practice by showing scott some things that me, eddie and michelle had come up with the night before. we were all stoked to be in the same room again, writing together, but the excitement wasn't long lived... everything was running quite well until we got stuck on a part... ed and me almost ended up slicing each other's throats, but in the end, we kissed and made up. the fact of the matter is, if we didn't get pissed at each other, things would be too easy... and i've always said and believed... what comes easy never stays.

all i have to say is this new material is really fun to play. i guarantee satisfaction.


Friday, February 03, 2006

i'm dying for a good rock show.
well, i can't speak for the rest of the bd gang, but i can't wait to get back on stage in front of a crowd once again. it's killing me to know that we aren't going to be back rocking out live for quite some time yet. we are piecing together our next album... and while it's a slow process, it should be a worthwhile one. some exciting news on my front is the arrival of my new drumkit. c & c custom drums built my new kit and it is gorgeous and the sound is HUGE! if you're a drummer you'll want to check these out. c & c has made drums for coheed and cambria, alkaline trio, hey mercedes, modest mouse, flaming lips and many more other top acts. i'm glad to say i'm now on board with them. you can visit my myspace page and check out some pics of these unbelievable drums.

can't wait to see you all again. i can't wait to debut my new drums on some new songs!!! have fun this weekend with all the superbowl stuff going down. be safe.