Thursday, September 29, 2005

i wish i had a subscription...
to alternative press, like michelle does. then i wouldn't have to wait 'til october 6th to own a copy, with us on the cover! no wait, we didn't get the cover, coheed & cambria did. but that's cool, they deserve it. we're quite content with the 1/4 page writeup we got on page 60. when you see it in stores, look for the picture of us sitting on ryan's lawn! take a copy home, or buy one for me!

if seeing us in the new AP is the reason you're checking out, WELCOME! feel free to sign our guestbook, check out some tunes, buy some stuff, add us to your myspace friends, or just send us an email telling us what you think! if you like our music, tell your friends!

on a side note, we should apologize for lying to all the readers of AP. we didn't realize that our plans to tour would fall through. we're very sorry. we'll blame it on the flesh-eating spiders. but we still have a few shows booked & we're working on an excursion from detroit to long island & hopefully a couple places in-between. maybe next time we'll have better luck and/or a booking agency running the show, and we'll be able to rock all your faces off.

lastly, the gears are in motion to make a sixth turkeyfest a reality. the wonderful people at the modern exchange (see us there october 5th!) have offered their facility as tommy turkey's home for a couple evenings on thanksgiving weekend. this should be the biggest & best turkeyfest yet, and most of the proceeds will be donated to the red cross to help with the hurricane relief efforts. stay tuned to the turkeyfest site for show info or to revisit years past.