Tuesday, May 31, 2005

saturday night street fight!
1] the much-anticipated reunion of bedford drive & kissinger is this saturday night at the modern exchange! don't miss the pop-rock mayhem which will most surely ensue. and big huge props to local rockers maelstrom for signing on to open up the bill! it will definitely be a night to remember, so don't miss it!

2] we've got new merch! three new shirt flavors will be available for purchase at saturday's show. for a preview of two of the designs, check out our merch page!

3] the 89X birthday bash! it was a horrible setup, unless you enjoy waiting in huge lines, over & over & over again, much like a trip to cedar point. so be glad we didn't play it! :) but scott was there, thanks to a birthday gift from hilary, and they both got to see the motion city soundtrack boys (+ beth & diaz & newms) for the first time in a long time, which was awesome. rockin whfr dj gary tortomasi gave us some scoop: bedford drive is in the thankyous on mcs's new cd (commit this to memory available everywhere june 7th!) so buy it, just to see our name inside!

4] there's some new fan art on the downloads page! scott finally got around to adding a couple desktops made by marius & a picture of another shirt made by nathalie. if you've got the creative bug, feel free to send us some bedford drive doodles of your own! maybe someday they'll end up on a t-shirt or a button or a sticker or even an album cover!

5] bedford drive is recording again! within weeks we'll have a couple new songs on disc, ready to send out to big-shot producers & whatnot. hopefully they'll hit your ears sooner than later! so keep in touch, and keep on rockin'!