Thursday, March 17, 2005

happy st. patty's day!
we're nearing the end of our mini-tour... we're in austin right now catching up on a few z's.  south by southwest has pretty much taken over the hotels around here... we were lucky to get a room, but it's all good.  we're off to rock a show with kissinger in an hour, then hitting shreveport on friday night.  we couldn't find a show for saturday!  (if you have an opening for us, please email us at  thanks to everyone who's come out to rock with us so far, and hello to our new brazilian friend fernando!

only one little bit of bad news... at our show in baton rouge, one of the other bands mistakenly picked up ryan's cymbal bag, containing every one of his cymbals.  we didn't notice it was missing 'til our show in new orleans last night.  so yeah, it's a bummer, but hopefully it'll find its way back home.  other than that, we're all still alive, relatively healthy & ready to rock again!  on borrowed cymbals.

more shows for the upcoming months are on their way... check back soon!