Sunday, February 20, 2005

the new
yes, it took forever... actually, only a year... but the new website is finally up! no, it's not completely done, but something, i'm sure you'll agree, is better than nothing.

so what's new on the bedford front? we're working on a short tour in march (dates are on our "rock shows" page), and we're working on a plan that's gonna let us drop our rotten day jobs for good. we will gladly accept any good ideas or cash donations. plus, more new songs are coming, slowly but surely!

let us know what you think about the site! sign our guestbook NOW! pretty soon we'll have even more stuff up, like lyrics to ALL the songs, a fully-functional frequently-updated blog, fan art, links for our street team, downloads for your messageboards & your desktop, and we hope to start a messageboard of our own! if you'd like to contribute to the site, please email scott.

lastly, disco dave's big local show will be here before you know it. a ton of good bands, for not a lot of cash. check it out! we hope to rock you soon!