Friday, February 10, 2006

Writing Diary. Entry #1

because we have no shows coming up and we still want to keep in close touch with all of you, we have decided to start a diary that tells ya'll what is going on with us and, more importantly, how the writing process is going... here goes...

2.8.06 -- we almost killed each other.

like all very opinionated people, we all like to speak our minds, and this particular night was no exception. we kicked off practice by showing scott some things that me, eddie and michelle had come up with the night before. we were all stoked to be in the same room again, writing together, but the excitement wasn't long lived... everything was running quite well until we got stuck on a part... ed and me almost ended up slicing each other's throats, but in the end, we kissed and made up. the fact of the matter is, if we didn't get pissed at each other, things would be too easy... and i've always said and believed... what comes easy never stays.

all i have to say is this new material is really fun to play. i guarantee satisfaction.