Sunday, December 04, 2005

we're taking time off...
december is a hectic month... most of us have dayjobs in retail, so it's hard to make everything work: 10 hours at work, then rockshows & rehearsals. it's quite tiring. so we've decided to take a month or so off & use our time to write new songs. it's been almost two years since we released the bearsuit ep & we're anxious to get some new stuff out there for all y'all to hear. so keep rockin' out to the old stuff for a little while & wish us luck being productive in ed's basement. hopefully we can finish up the 2 tracks we started recording this summer & get them to you so you can shout out all the words next time we rock your town!

thank you to everyone who helped make turkeyfest six a success: the bands, the fans & the modern exchange. we were able to raise a few bucks for the red cross, and the people who came got to see a ton of my favorite local bands. i hope the next one is even bigger!

don't forget: bedford drive merch makes great xmas gifts! check out those hotpants! they look great on both guys AND gals! :)

keep in touch, and happy holidays.