Friday, February 03, 2006

i'm dying for a good rock show.
well, i can't speak for the rest of the bd gang, but i can't wait to get back on stage in front of a crowd once again. it's killing me to know that we aren't going to be back rocking out live for quite some time yet. we are piecing together our next album... and while it's a slow process, it should be a worthwhile one. some exciting news on my front is the arrival of my new drumkit. c & c custom drums built my new kit and it is gorgeous and the sound is HUGE! if you're a drummer you'll want to check these out. c & c has made drums for coheed and cambria, alkaline trio, hey mercedes, modest mouse, flaming lips and many more other top acts. i'm glad to say i'm now on board with them. you can visit my myspace page and check out some pics of these unbelievable drums.

can't wait to see you all again. i can't wait to debut my new drums on some new songs!!! have fun this weekend with all the superbowl stuff going down. be safe.