Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Michigan, Beware!
we have a good amount of shows all over michigan in april. make sure YOU come to the one in your neck of the woods and we will be certain to show you a good time! Check the rockshows page for all info needed.

early in the month we played downriver love 3, an annual show hosted by downriver's own, disco dave. marktv.net has a clip of us showing off our skills at the show. visit www.marktv.net to see us and a bunch of other rock and roll related media. just want the bd vid? okay, clicky here!

don't forget to submit your homemade bd aim icons, ringtones, banners, and whatever else your right brain comes up with! send them to rock@bedforddrive.com and they will show up on our downloads page!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

the super bright future
after another successful tour what else is left to do but rock some shows here and there and write a new album? well, that is exactly what we are going to do. even though we aren't on the road rocking to keep the gas tank filled and food in our bellies, we could still use your help! some things you can do to support us are: tell your college radio station about us. get us on the airwaves!! also, we always love fan art! send us something for the "downloads" page. we love your creativity! if you can make ringtones that would be a rockin' thing! join the street team and help us promote! you receive some pretty cool things when you work hard for us on our street team! we appreciate any help we can get!!! thanks!

want to check out an interview ryan did for the shreveport times? click here

Monday, March 21, 2005

we're home!
for better or for worse, we're back in michigan, gearing up to return to the daily grind. we had a good run this time... made a lot of friends, rocked a lot of shows, covered a lot of miles, did some necessary bonding & made plans for the future.

thank you to everyone who played a part in our last tour, from setting up a show, to getting us a place to stay, to buying a t-shirt, to getting us grub. we owe you bigtime. now it's time for us to get back to work, writing songs, honing our skills & setting up our next interstate run.

check the shows page for upcoming local shows!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

happy st. patty's day!
we're nearing the end of our mini-tour... we're in austin right now catching up on a few z's.  south by southwest has pretty much taken over the hotels around here... we were lucky to get a room, but it's all good.  we're off to rock a show with kissinger in an hour, then hitting shreveport on friday night.  we couldn't find a show for saturday!  (if you have an opening for us, please email us at rock@bedforddrive.com)  thanks to everyone who's come out to rock with us so far, and hello to our new brazilian friend fernando!

only one little bit of bad news... at our show in baton rouge, one of the other bands mistakenly picked up ryan's cymbal bag, containing every one of his cymbals.  we didn't notice it was missing 'til our show in new orleans last night.  so yeah, it's a bummer, but hopefully it'll find its way back home.  other than that, we're all still alive, relatively healthy & ready to rock again!  on borrowed cymbals.

more shows for the upcoming months are on their way... check back soon!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

downriver love... and beyond!
hello again! we of bedford drive hope you love the new site layout as much as we do, and from all of the feedback we've received thus far, it sounds like we did good!

last night's downriver love show was a lot of fun, despite the drunken drama toward the end. every band put on a great show, and the solo acoustic stuff between rock sets was suuuperb. big thanks to everyone who came out, and even bigger thanks to dave for putting it all together.

just a couple days ago, we added more content to the downloads page: fan art, buddy icons & some desktop wallpaper! we'll add more when we get more from you!

our next little tour is coming up quick... please make it out to a show if we come your way. we need a fix to feed our rockin' jones. and yes, we want to rock you.