Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ryan's Selling His Old Drums!
I am getting rid of my old drum kit to clear some room out in my apartment & put some extra change in my pocket. Sooo, do you want some new drums!??!?!


Pearl Prestige Session Select Series Drums:

Kick Drum: 22"x16"

Rack Tom: 12"x10"

Floor Tom: 16"x16"

The finish is a Laquered Emrald Green Stain. Beautiful.

Finish is in fairly good shape. Bass drum has some dings where the rack tom hangs over and rack has some scratches. Basic road wear... The shells are fine and sound insanely good. Toms are fitted with used, but playable Evans EC2 drum heads, Evans g1's on bottom side. Kick is fitted with used, but playable Aquarian Performance II head with Remo Falams patch.

As well as the 3 drums, I'm including the rack tom arm, I.S.S. mount for rack tom, and floor tom legs. No other hardware included.

$325 or best offer.

some shots...

*not pictured is tom arm and I.S.S. mount.

If you are willing to come pick 'em up... Awesome. If not, shipping charges will apply. Contact me via email at if you're interested!!

hope all is well.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

the suspense is killing me.
we're less than a week away from the first stage of production of our next release. ryan flies out to vermont to record the drum tracks for 7 new bedford drive songs. we've pre-produced the heck out of these songs, in normal bedford drive fashion, fine-tuning & re-tuning, writing & re-writing until we think they're the best they can be. last night we recorded final demos of the last three songs, safe to say, seven to 7, & detroit city hearts. ryan goes off on his own on sunday, and i have full confidence he will bring the rock. the rest of us will drive out to vermont in late august to finish up. these are some of our darkest, most intense songs, but they're a lot of fun to play. i hope you all will like them as much as we do.

(also included on the new recording should be patiently waiting dying, dollar show matinee, julianne, it won't be pretty, & after a long drive)

we owe a huge thank you to everyone who came out & supported us at the 89X birthday bash. it was a great crowd (except for the d-bag in the pink fuzzy hat who got popped in the face with a cup of ice), and we had a really great time playing, signing stuff, & walking around with randy the bear. hopefully we'll see you again in the near future... our first cheap, all-ages show since last november is coming up... check out the shows page for more info!

did you listen to scott's interview on 89X's homeboy show? if not, it should be available on their myspace profile for a few more days. don't miss out -- go now!

and thank you for being patient. this is our first time off since we started in 1998. a well-needed rest. we'll be back to rock you soon.

stay awesome!