Thursday, April 06, 2006

whippin' up dope trax.
it's been busy over here on the bedford front, as we are still writing and rehearsing new material for our next album. yesterday scott and i added drums to a song that he had written. i think with a tight, locked in bass line and a stong guitar lead over it, this song has potential of being one of the select tracks on the new disc. i'm not sure though... all these new songs got me fired up. as said before, we aren't going to let you down!

the show may 11th is a great opportunity to catch us before we head back into our caves and continue writing. i'm not sure how much new material we are going to unleash at this show, but i know there will be at least some unleashing done. ...and the show is with the amino acids and the slats. it doesn't get any better.

some pics from rehearsal: 4.05.06