Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ryan's Selling His Old Drums!
I am getting rid of my old drum kit to clear some room out in my apartment & put some extra change in my pocket. Sooo, do you want some new drums!??!?!


Pearl Prestige Session Select Series Drums:

Kick Drum: 22"x16"

Rack Tom: 12"x10"

Floor Tom: 16"x16"

The finish is a Laquered Emrald Green Stain. Beautiful.

Finish is in fairly good shape. Bass drum has some dings where the rack tom hangs over and rack has some scratches. Basic road wear... The shells are fine and sound insanely good. Toms are fitted with used, but playable Evans EC2 drum heads, Evans g1's on bottom side. Kick is fitted with used, but playable Aquarian Performance II head with Remo Falams patch.

As well as the 3 drums, I'm including the rack tom arm, I.S.S. mount for rack tom, and floor tom legs. No other hardware included.

$325 or best offer.

some shots...

*not pictured is tom arm and I.S.S. mount.

If you are willing to come pick 'em up... Awesome. If not, shipping charges will apply. Contact me via email at if you're interested!!

hope all is well.