Monday, August 07, 2006

Wanna Rock Some Drums
i am offering drum lessons again to a very small number of clients.

i will begin giving lessons again starting this week: tue, aug. 8 - fri, aug 11. and then continuing again at the beginning of september.

please myspace message me or email me: to set up a lesson date and time.

cost is $15/half hour, $25/hour.

new and old clients, please complete the following survey and attach it with your email message. this gives me a better understanding of who you are as a drummer and what you wish to gain from taking lessons.

thanks, ryan


*what is your name, gender and age?

*where are you from?

*how long have you been playing drums?

*what brand of drums do you currently use?

*paint me a picture of your dream kit?

*how many cymbals do you typically play?

*who are your top 3 favorite drummers?

*who are your top 3 favorite bands?

*who are your top 3 musical influences?

*what type of drummer are you? (ie. drum kit, marching, etc.)

*what type of music do you play? (ei. rock, emo, jazz, heavy metal, etc)

*have you taken lessons before? (if so, please explain)

*are you in a band? if so, what's the band's name and do you have a website?

*do you have any examples of your drumming in mp3 format? if so, what's the link?

*can you read music?

*if you can't read music, would you like to learn?

*what kind of sticks do you use?

*can you play to a click track?

*have you recorded, or do you show an interest in recording? (please explain)

*do you play match grip or traditional or both?

*do you consider yourself a hard hitting drummer?

*what would you like to get from taking drum lessons?