Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what the hell?
yeah, i know, it's crazy! bedford drive just kinda dropped out of existence. and yeah, it sucks.

maybe someday there'll be a VH1 Behind the Music about BD, but for now just know that we kept it together as long as our sanity would allow. if you hope to see another tour, or another show, or another cd, you're NOT ALONE! people ask me all the time what's going on with bedford & when/if we're gonna play again. i told one couple at the SLIPKNOT show at the palace that we played right before Trivium, but i don't think they believed me. well, maybe for a quick second they did.

i wish i could give a definite answer, but our world is not comprised of definites & absolutes. within the band, hearts were broken, friendships were strained & feelings were hurt badly. whether it was intentional or accidental, i was crushed. but life goes on, & it takes time to heal something that was hurting for so long.

i can tell you that the domain was renewed for another 9 years, and even though we're not in the public eye or advertising anything, we still talk about recording, tying up loose ends, etc. i don't know if it will ever be like it was. it was a hell of a ride while it lasted, and 11 years is a long time for any relationship to hold up.

please don't let our personal dysfunction taint your love for our music. & if you keep the faith, maybe things will work out in your (& our) favor. thank you for your dedication & support as friends & fans, and please, keep spreading your love for bd. to me the songs are just as valid today as they were 10 years ago, and they are my heart & soul. the best i could do with the fingers & vocal chords i was given. we'd still love to hear from you. try to keep in touch, and we'll let you know if & when we get things going again.

love you guys.